O'Keeffe - White Camelia Raoul Dufy - 30 Year Olds or Life Through Rose Colored Glasses

Flowers are the second most popular icon in Western art. As you would expect, there are good reasons for their popularity. From the artist's point of view: You can do whatever you want with it. If you want to show your virtuosity in imitating textures, here you can. At light and gradations in color? Also good. You want to geometricize and simplify? Fine. Try exhibiting your skill at that, or at velvety textures, with the Space Shuttle as your subject. It's also not surprising that the biggest fans of the most popular icon were also the biggest producers of flowers. The Impressionists and Imogen Cunningham.

From the viewer's point of view: It's not threatening. Its colors and textures are often directly pleasurable. They make you feel good. And the subject itself will often remind you of something pleasant in your past or in your present.

An incidental advantage, if a negative one, for both artist and viewer: No problems with the children or the neighbors.


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