Ingres  - The Spring
Everyone has always praised Ingres as a draughtsmen. He indeed knew how to draw. But not very precisely.
Look at this young lady's body. Compare the height of her pelvis to the distance between her hips and her breasts. Compare the length of her left upper arm to anything on earth. Explain to me why one of her breasts is seen in full front while the other is in almost pure profile, even though her shoulders and hips are strictly in the plane of the picture.
And don't tell me that the pose is "Praxitelean". Praxiteles never exaggerated like that. And he remembered to alternate the tilts of the axes.
Everything is wrong. So why are the woman and the painting both so beautiful?
Because Ingres knew that our sense of beauty is affected first and most strongly by an impression of the whole, not by the parts. And the whole here is beautiful because everything fits. Every curve is designed to match every other. And everything is abstracted to the same great degree.
And Ingres always gives us what we want to see. We go to Ingres when we want to see idealized beauty. We don't want to hear a story or be made to think. And idealized beauty is what he gives us.

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