Pierre Auguste Renoir - Two Young Girls at the Piano
Somebody or other once said that he would rather live in a house full of Renoirs than a house full of Rembrandts. Who wouldn't?
Renoir was amazingly unintellectual, and even amazingly lacking in a declarative understanding of art or aesthetics. Yet his words make it clear why he has a good chance at the title of the greatest of the modern painters. And why we all secretly like him more than Rembrandt. Or Leonardo.
Renoir was a craftsman making a product for middle class customers. It may be significant that he started out painting china and window shades. Given his view of his profession, Renoir had to sell a product to a customer who would gain some obvious benefit from buying it. He could therefore not shock people with innovations or social commentaries which only a museum would buy.
There's a more positive side to Renoir's view of life, and it's this which illuminates his painting. The middle class benefit which Renoir was selling was beauty. If I had been Renoir's advertising agent, we would have both been rich. Look at the pinks and reds of his backgrounds: "Buy a Renoir; you'll feel good.". (I've never seen a decent reproduction of Renoir's colors on the Web. With today's technologies, it probably can't be done. It's hard enough to get it done right on paper. Renoir is one of the few which you really need a museum for.) Lovely women, sweet young girls. It's just nice to be in their presence.
Which is what we buy art for. Most of us aren't running museums.

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